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  • Bank shot: a shot that causes the cue ball to hit one or more cushions before hitting the other two balls.
  • Break: a series of points scored.
  • Cue ball: the ball used for hitting others..
  • Fade: stay as close as possible to the ball touched last.
  • Pocket: hole in the billiard table.
  • Refining: adjusting movement prior to hitting the cue ball.
  • Sidespin: sideways rotation imparted to a ball.

What are the various components of a billiard table?

Beneath its attractive appearance, a billiard table is in fact a very complex assembly of a whole range of components that determine its quality, sturdiness and reliability.

The feet
They vary in number according to models and types. They are made of either wood or metal. They support the whole table and keep it stable, so they must be solid and have levelling screws in their base to create a perfect level.

The frame
This acts as a support for the playing surface. To prevent warping over time, it must be very rigid and have a series of crosspieces to hold the slate. It may be made of solid wood or metal.

The playing surface is broken down into 4 main parts:
The rolling surface
Despite technological progress and trials using other components, slate is still the only material to offer ideal playing quality.
Slate must be carefully selected at very high density and come from the world’s best quarries. It must be perfectly fitted and bolted in one or more slabs of variable thickness, then fixed to the frame, precision ground and evened up with the greatest possible care.

The cushions
Cushions are a very important part of the table. They are responsible for the quality of the rebound and for reproducing the various effects that give so much enjoyment to the game. They must be made of moulded natural rubber and glued on to a section that forms part of the cushion frame.

The cushion frame
This forms part of the cushions and must be firmly attached to the slate or frame so that the balls rebound off it without distortion or loss of effect to give vital precision.

The cloth
The cloth covers the slate and the cushions and requires particular attention to ensure that it performs well and the balls roll properly. It must be approved by the French Billiards Federation (FFB) and be fitted using a precision technique that can only be carried out by highly qualified staff.
Obviously, the reliability of your billiard table will depend on the quality with which all the various components are assembled and on the way in which techniques are used.
You can only be assured of having a good billiard table if you use the expertise, experience and professionalism of an approved manufacturer.

Hand position


Main shots

Coulé : attaque au-dessus du centre de la bille
Coulé : attaque au-dessus du centre de la bille
Massé : attaque verticale de la bille
Massé : attaque verticale de la bille
Rétro : attaque sous le centre de la bille
Rétro : attaque sous le centre de la bille
Piqué : attaque oblique de la bille
Piqué : attaque oblique de la bille