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In partnership with Kozoom, CEB and Iwan Simonis, Chevillotte Billiards IS proud to organize the first CLASSIC RACE Balkline 47/2 introducing a revolutionary format for Classic games, with the 8 top world players.

This competition will be played on our EUROPA MASTER 310 Carom table, equipped with the new SIMONIS 300 GRIS SHARK sheet and will be broadcast live on Kozoom and Facebook

The players are (invited, but not confirmed so far):

1. Xavier Gretillat (Switzerland, European champion 47/2)
2. Willy Gerimont (France)
3. Raymund Swertz (Netherlands)
4. Esteve Mata (Spain)
5. Marek Faus (Czech Republic)

Kozoom wildcards:
6. Nicolas Gerassimopoulos (Greece)
7. Sam van Etten (The Netherlands)
8. Patrick Niessen (Belgium)

Substitutes: Pascal Dessaint (France), Arnim Kahofer (Austria), Raul Cuenca (Spain), Benoît Deziles Legros (France).

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