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If the international acclaim for Chevillotte’s top of the line billiards tables is unparalleled, it is equally true for its unequaled know how in the restoration of old billiards tables.

This passion for billiards also means that we bring back to life old billiards table and very beautiful furniture, which stand witness to the expertise and artistic sense of our ancestors. More than a simple repair job we take restoration to be a philosophy, a noble respect for the art of bygone times, and a will to preserve and prolong the life of exceptional pieces of furniture.

Please do not confuse old billiards tables with second hand billiards tables! With us, “old billiards” means considering and classifying, furniture dating from the 18th and 19th centuries and made of precious wood (amaranth, wood of the lemon tree, ebony, walnut, wood of the sycamore tree.


In one of the last fashionable hotels of New York, Le Public hotel, the designer Eric Schmidt, calls upon the expertise of Chevillotte for building a unique room.

The place: a four-star condominium in lower Manhattan. The overall contract for the building went to Herzog & de Meuron, whereas for the interior design, it was the Ian Schrager agency which was in command.


The client was not Russian, but his wife was. So, the agency which was in charge of the decoration of this stately mansion belonging to the couple, one of the biggest in the country, calls upon Chevillotte. For this six year long project which has just into its final phase, some of the furniture is adapted to the contours of the building, and match the wood utilized in the decoration of the walls. The billiards table is part of the ensemble.

The pool table is 12 feet, or 3m90 long, the biggest in the world, here in its Russian version, which is played with 16 balls, 15 white and 1 red, on a table with six holes.


Halfway between the pool table and the collector, there can be passion: that of possessing a collector’s item. An old pool table can also be a “playground”. In that case, the restoration is carried out differently.

In the beginning, the flooring was done with hard wood: oak or walnut. But by the end of the 19th century, it was slate which saw a certain development and offered the best playing conditions.

  • We love your billiard table. The quality is amazing making it a great experience each time we play.

    Karl A. LONDRES
  • Here it is, finished and magnificently beautiful! Very happy to have chosen Chevillotte.

    M. Blanc Jura (39), France
  • I could not be happier with my Chevillotte 9’ Europa Master. From my initial inquiry, the buying and import of this table to the United States was simple and streamlined. If you demand a table with unparalleled quality, look no further than Chevillotte Billiards.

    Bob R. California, USA
  • I thank Chevillotte for the quality of this beautiful snooker and your quality of service. I also thank you for being patient with the delivery to accommodate the delays in my project [...] The snooker fits perfectly in the room designed for it.


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