Moving? Renovating? What do you do with your billiards table?

After estimate, we assure the transport or transfer of your billiards table. This service is performed by our technical specialists. It includes dismantling, transport and re-assembling the table, as well as balancing the slates and putting a new sheet (or the old one, according to wear).

  • Here it is, finished and magnificently beautiful! Very happy to have chosen Chevillotte.

    M. Blanc Jura (39), France
  • We love your billiard table. The quality is amazing making it a great experience each time we play.

    Karl A. LONDRES
  • I could not be happier with my Chevillotte 9’ Europa Master. From my initial inquiry, the buying and import of this table to the United States was simple and streamlined. If you demand a table with unparalleled quality, look no further than Chevillotte Billiards.

    Bob R. California, USA
  • I thank Chevillotte for the quality of this beautiful snooker and your quality of service. I also thank you for being patient with the delivery to accommodate the delays in my project [...] The snooker fits perfectly in the room designed for it.


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