Halfway between the pool table and the collector, there can be passion: that of possessing a collector’s item. An old pool table can also be a “playground”. In that case, the restoration is carried out differently. In the beginning, the flooring was done with hard wood: oak or walnut. But by the end of the 19th century, it was slate which saw a certain development and offered the best playing conditions.

In general, the restoration was done by replacing the flooring with high density slate. The specialist will also be in a position to change the sheets and the strips which make up the framework. Previously, there were coils of tissue and then of spring. But nowadays they are made of rubber.

Chevillotte – King’s Billiard

Thus, the pool table restored to the highest degree of precision will give the client a double satisfaction: that of playing on a perfect surface with a brand new technical piece, and secondly, that of possessing a valuable piece of furniture.

It’s on the strength of such a reputation that Chevillotte has been chosen by the Chateau de Versailles, to restore the billiard room of the French monarch Louis XVI.

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